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If you want to rejuvenate your appearance beyond making improvements to your smile, then Botox® can help. Christine Chung, DMD, Judith E. Roman, DMD, and the team of professionals at Dental Studio of Jersey City provide high-end Botox treatments and lip fillers, for patients who want to enhance their physical appearance. To schedule a consultation, call the office in Jersey City, New Jersey, or request an appointment online today.

Botox Q & A

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin is a purified neurotoxic protein, more commonly known as Botox, and it’s the most widely performed non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the United States, with at least 7.23 million cases each year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dental Studio of Jersey City offers Botox and Xeomin® injections, both of which contain botulinum toxin. Botox is the name-brand version of the protein, while Xeomin is the generic version.

Both injectable serums are FDA approval for softening and removing fine lines and wrinkles on your face, like:

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet (wrinkles around the corners of your eyes)
  • Frown lines (wrinkles between your eyebrows)
  • Vertical lip lines

Botox can also treat bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, and jaw clenching.

What causes wrinkles to form?

Wrinkles develop from folding a particular area of skin too frequently. This happens in your face when you repeatedly contract certain facial muscles, like when you furrow your brow. When you’re constantly folding a certain area of your skin, it eventually creates a semi-permanent crease in that area or a wrinkle.

How does Botox reduce wrinkles?

Botox temporarily reduces muscle activity at the site of injection. It does this by chemically blocking the transmission of signals between your nerves and your muscles.

When your muscles in a particular area are unable to contract, they’re unable to fold your skin, which means that they’re unable to deepen existing wrinkles or form new wrinkles. By giving your skin a break from constantly folding in on itself at your injection site, Botox enables it to recover, unfold, and fill back out.

What happens during Botox treatments?

Getting Botox is a quick and easy experience at Dental Studio of Jersey City, and the procedure only takes a few minutes. There are no incisions, no anesthesia, and no downtime.

After a thorough consultation appointment, where your provider reviews your health history, expectations, and aesthetic goals, your Dental Studio of Jersey City provider develops a treatment plan that aligns with your goals and needs.

At your next appointment, they administer a series of injections in targeted areas and send you on your way. The injections themselves don’t hurt more than any other type of shot––that is, they feel like a quick pinch. You can resume your normal activities immediately after getting your injections, and you should start to notice results within five to 10 days after your treatment.

Botox eventually wears off, so you need to regularly get new injections if you want to maintain your results. Each treatment typically lasts between three and six months, depending on the treatment area and how your body reacts.

Get your Botox injections at Dental Studio of Jersey City by calling the office or booking a consultation online today.


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