Because having straight teeth is often considered to be a desirable aesthetic quality, some individuals have resorted to at-home teeth straightening methods to improve the appearance of their smile. Social media is saturated with videos and testimonials from people who have decided to share their teeth straightening strategies. Some people are enticed by the convenience of these approaches, and some do so to try to save on the cost of proper orthodontic treatment. What they may not have known before embarking on their DIY (do it yourself) dental enhancement journey is that they run the risk of causing irreversible damage to their mouths in the process.


The Risks of Using DIY Teeth Straighteners

Whether someone utilizes rubber bands, string, pencils, or generic dental retainers, they are putting their oral health at risk by avoiding professional care. Using DIY teeth straighteners can cause permanent damage to the structure of the mouth, including (but not limited to):

It is also common for those who attempt to alter their smile with DIY straighteners to necessitate professional treatment to correct the damage. Ultimately, the price of corrective dental work (such as dental implants, bridges, root canals, and periodontal treatments) exceeds the cost of seeking proper teeth straightening from the start.

Professional Teeth Straightening

People who want straighter teeth can benefit from professional orthodontic care. While braces were the golden standard for achieving straight teeth, Invisalign® has rapidly become more popular due to its advanced and inconspicuous nature. Invisalign®is a comfortable alternative to braces that provides patients with beautiful results. Transparent dental trays are made to fit the patient’s teeth and gradually move the teeth to the desired position over time under the guidance of a dental specialist. It can take one or two years to obtain optimal results, and regularly wearing the provided retainer helps preserve the effects for years.

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