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Even with the most diligent at-home dental care, some dental problems can still arise that require an in-office treatment.

Dental treatments like fillings, root canals, and even tooth extractions are common, and most people will undergo at least one of these at some point in their lives.

While none of these treatments will set you back with significant recovery time, they can still be irritating and require you to alter your regular eating and dental routines.

Understanding the correct way to care for your teeth and gums after dental treatment is the first step to a healthy dental recovery. Whether these practices are for you or your child, they can set you on the right path.

How to Recover After Fillings?

Cavities are small holes in the tooth that develops due to plaque and bacteria. When cavities are not treated, the tooth decay spreads.

Cavities are treated with fillings. Composite fillings contain plastic materials that are combined with tooth-colored ceramic. These fillings restore natural-looking healthiness to your teeth.

Your dentist will apply topical anesthesia to the area before drilling a cavity for a filling. Even though you will not experience any pain during the actual treatment, you will likely experience some tooth sensitivity once the anesthesia wears off.

This discomfort may include gum tenderness and pain when drinking hot or cold liquids, clenching, and brushing your teeth.

To promote comfort after a filling, patients should:

Most patient’s discomfort and sensitivity go away within a few days to a few weeks.

How to Recover After a Root Canal?

Root canals are required when the tooth decay reaches the pulp of the tooth. This procedure removes the inflamed root of the tooth but preserves the tooth itself.

Root canal treatment uses a topical anesthetic, but patients are sure to feel some discomfort and sensitivity in the following days.

Following a root canal, you should:

How to Recover After an Extraction?

Tooth extraction is required when a damaged tooth cannot be saved with a root canal or another dental treatment.

Dental extractions are relatively quick procedures that are performed under the comfort of a local anesthetic.

Tooth extractions are common general dentistry procedures that can result in some post-operative discomfort and sensitivity.

Tooth extractions are common general dentistry procedures that can result in some post-operative discomfort and sensitivity.

However, most people should expect to feel the after-effects of the removal for one to two weeks.

During this time, patients should:

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