Dentistry, one of the world’s oldest medical professions, has come quite a long way since its early start in 7000 B.C. The last 200 years especially have transformed the profession with the development of toothpaste, fillings, prosthesis, orthodontics, dental X-rays, and other systems for treating, examining, and caring for teeth. The iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner is the next step in evolution with advanced technology that has revolutionized modern dentistry.


iTero® Scanner for Tooth Restorations

The new iTero® Scanner has completely altered the treatment process for getting dental restorations. The previously more complicated and time-consuming course has been replaced by a more convenient, efficient, and comfortable process for both patient and dentist. Dentists can use the scanner to take a quick three-dimensional image of the patient’s teeth and immediately transmit the file to the lab for fabrication of the implant or other restoration method. No uncomfortable gagging and mouth putty are necessary for dental impressions, nor do patients have to worry about the possibility of voids or distortions requiring retakes. iTero® also guarantees a better fit for more functional and natural-looking teeth.

iTero® Scanner for Invisalign®

The greatest challenge with orthodontic teeth straightening treatments is not being able to visualize the end results. “Straight teeth” can look different from patient to patient based on the quality, size, and shape of the teeth as well as the shape of their jaw and mouth. With the iTero® Element™ scanner, Dr. Chung can produce an authentic simulated outcome for Invisalign® treatments so that patients can see their potential results within minutes. Additionally, iTero® makes it feasible to wirelessly transmit images to instantly fabricate the Invisalign® trays. With the iTero® scanner, Dr. Chung can provide nearly flawless teeth straightening for every patient.

iTero® Scanner for Monitoring Teeth

Dental X-rays help dentists keep track of how a patient’s teeth change over time. The position of the teeth and their natural wear provide important information on how teeth should be treated going forward. The iTero® scanner enhances this process by taking vivid photographic images quickly and seamlessly at every visit. Patients can see for themselves exactly what is going on with their teeth, which makes it easier to understand and accept the dentist’s recommendations for treatment. With the help of iTero®’s TimeLapse Technology, improved monitoring helps dentists and patients know how to take better care of their teeth over time.