Dr. Christine Chung at the Dental Studio of New Jersey was named one of Jersey City’s top dentists by Expertise and an NJ Top Dentist by New Jersey Monthly magazine.

These prestigious honors were presented to her because of her tireless dedication to patient safety and satisfaction, and her knowledge and use of cutting-edge dental technology.

What Is Expertise?

Expertise takes the stress and worries out of finding highly-skilled and qualified professionals in your area.

This group researches, compares, and hand-picks the cream of the crop in professional and medical fields all over the country.

In 2018, Dr. Chung was chosen as one of the top dentists in the Jersey City area. Expertise grades professionals on their reputation, credibility, experience, engagement, and professionalism.

Honorees should have a history of satisfied clients who would eagerly return, have all the proper licensing and accreditations, have years of practical training and experience, are approachable and client-driven, and are dedicated to providing consistently good work and stellar customer service.

Dr. Chung was selected for one of these spots from over 70 Jersey City practices.

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What Is New Jersey Monthly?

New Jersey Monthly is a lifestyle magazine that highlights the top businesses and professionals in New Jersey. Featured companies and doctors are nominated and selected by their peers, so customers feel assured that they are going to the most trusted and highest-rated professionals in the industry.

How Can Dr. Chung Improve Your Smile and Enhance Your Dental Health?

Dr. Chung offers both cosmetic and general dentistry to her Jersey City patients. Whether you are looking to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile using veneers, Invisalign®, or in-office teeth whitening, or are trying to restore the health of your teeth and gums through fillings, root canals, and sealants, the Dental Studio of Jersey City offers the best dental care.

Dr. Chung begins every patient exam with a digital X-ray that reduces radiation exposure and contributes to a healthier and safer experience. This is followed by award-winning dental care combined with her compassionate approach.

Dr. Chung understands that every patient has their own needs and is approaching their dental work in their own way. Going to the dentist can prove to be a stressful situation for children and adults alike; Dr. Chung understands and appreciates these concerns and wants to help guide you through your dental journey comfortably.


For more information about these awards, or to learn more about the services provided by Dr. Chung, contact the Dental Studio of Jersey City by calling (551) 222-4493 or by filling out our online contact form.